If we had been told more than 10 years ago that we were going to be in Madrid, taking the website and one of the most innovative stores in the sector, surely after two toasts we would have signed each and every one of the members of Piel for artisans.

We start in a garage in the town of Torrellano (belongs to Elche), maybe as all things start, with a space where we can store.

Our grandfather started many years ago in the business of buying and selling used leather, mainly acquiring stocks from large factories that needed the space and making some cash to face future campaigns. My father followed that way of working. The business was the purchase and sale of large quantities of finished leather.

From the need to re-invente Skin for artisans, the third generation two brothers Montse and Fernando (the one who writes) together with our father Fernando Martín decided to modernize the sale of leather. Thus our website was born, thanks to the desire to reach other audiences, in order to leave the wholesale (more traditional) and focus on professional and private artisans.

When it comes to selling online, the first handicap is that it is a difficult item to describe, it is usually touched, first of all, the skin has many nuances, so many that we had to reinvent the way of describing the articles. We set up a photo studio to reflect the light and color of the skin. In the description we were the first to specify the usable rectangle, feet and stiffness to the touch.

Another key moment for us was the development of the world's first native app for iOS and Android. For many years we have been behind the change, since we believe that over the years everything will be bought from mobile or tablet.

With the passage of time our own brand SKIN FOR ARTISANS, has become something else, not only do we sell leather, but somehow we have become a capsule of time. In our shop are artisans of all kinds, with very different techniques and opposing views and at the same time so beautifully united.

Now we live a sweet moment with our leather shop in Madrid, it is what we had always dreamed of, all perfectly placed, within sight. This initial desire to differentiate ourselves and be better make us precursors of workshops, givers of a thousand and an explanation to every craftsman who comes to our facilities.

Humbly I believe that we have no limits, we will arrive where the desire will allow us to go, as long as we follow the premise of continuing to work hard looking for excellence in everything we do.