- What is the origin of the skins?

Our skins come from the seasonal changes of large footwear and leather goods firms. We are dedicated to acquiring these stocks, we classify the skins by quality and type, for further upload to the web. These skins are from Spain, Portugal, Italy and some occasional import of American leather.

Vegetable tanned skins are made of national cows and are traditionally tanned. They are made to us on request and in our opinion they provide added value.

- What type of skin do I need?

We have a wide variety of skins, so we always advise to be clear about how we will make the leather bag, wallet, footwear, leather goods...

For example, it is not the same to sew by hand as by machine. To sew by hand having a good fork and waxed yarn practically with more or less effort you can create whatever you want. But if you're going to typew, it's another chapter. To machine-sew, the important thing is the power of the same and if it is triple drag. If the machine is not triple drag, thicknesses of more than 1.2mm cannot be sewn without damaging the motor with continued use.

Speaking already in what type of skins serve for that things, we will say from our direct contact with hundreds of customers, that if you do not intend to use some type of structure (EVA rubber, salt, cardboard...) the simplest is the cow skin. Beef leather has more structure and better weapon, whether it's a bag, shoe or purse. That's why in all leather schools they use cowgirl, it's not because of their cost (it's worth twice as much as a standard cowhide) but because it's very rigid and gives less work.

If we master the art use structure, we can already mess with any type of skin, especially suede and goat leather.

For interiors always pigskin, it is economical and customers associate the pork very well with interiors.

- How do we take the measurements?

The leather is branded in feet2 or m2ththe are area measurements. Its price is always calculated relative to its price per foot2.

What we do is measure the rectangle of the skin that can be used in its entirety. This makes it easier to calculate whether that skin is valid for what you plan to do (we always recommend having the patterns on hard paper or cardboard).

- What leather dye is I looking for?

First of all, we have to be clear if we want surface dye or dye that will pass the leather.

Alcohol dye is what were called anilins (which are prohibited). This type of red acts very well and penetrates the flower of the leather until it passes the flesh of it. It dries very quickly, but on prologated contact with the sun tends to lose some shades.

The water-based dye is the so-called covering dye. Its composition consists of water and dye. This type of dye does not pierce the flower and stays on the surface. In your favor we will say that it is the most standardized because it is very uniform on the skin.

- What is the gummy base for?

The gummy base creates a rubber film on the leather edge. Once dried this gummy base can be applied a specific dye for edges

-Can I order samples?

Of course! To order samples you only have to send an email to pielparaartesanos@gmail.com with the references of the products you want and your data, to proceed to the shipment.

The sending of samples is completely free and without obligation.

- Can I place an order without registering?

Of course! If you do not want to register, once inside your shopping cart, there is the possibility to formalize the order as "Quick Buy".

It's very simple, you just have to enter your data in the blank fields. When you confirm the order you will receive an email confirming the order.

- How can I pay for my order?

You can pay for your purchases using the following means:

- Credit or debit card

- Paypal

- Cash on delivery when receiving your order. Only available for deliveries in the Peninsula or Balearic Islands.

This payment method has an additional cost of 2 euros.

- How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Orders placed before 15:00 h. will leave for their destination the same day, but will be shipped the next day.

The shipping reception times are as follows:




24/48 hours


72 hours

Canary islands

1 week


1 week

If you have any problems or problems with your shipment do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve it as soon as possible.

- Can I return an order?

You can return both an order and a portion of it if you wish.

For return we will proceed as follows according to:

  • If the return is for damage to the item. The full money of the item will be refunded.
  • If the return is because it does not fit your needs. The money of the item will be refunded minus 5o (12o Balearic Islands) of return costs.

In both cases, to formalize the return you will have to contact us to make it effective. We will send a delivery man to pick up the well-packed package.

As soon as we receive the package we will proceed to the refund of the money.

IMPORTANT: Returns are only valid for Peninsula and Balearic Islands.