Turquoise Green-Reinforced Suede Leather

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Turquoise Green-Reinforced Suede Leather

CM size: 40cm long 40cm wide

SIZE in FEET2: 3.00-4.00 Feet2

Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm

Touch: Normal

Suede leather is a type of leather that is characterized by its soft and velvety touch, its great ease when working leather, and being a quality leather that brings a fresh touch to your creations.

The uses of suede skins are very diverse, as many as imagination is made. The common use is the elaboration of handicrafts such as handbags, wallets and small leather goods. The most skilled craftsmen can create shoes with our skins, leather sandals and even use the suede to line other types of materials and give it that touch that can only give the suede.

The suede skin comes from goats intended for human consumption, which through the processes of having been treated to give it the final finish. In no case has the skin animal been slaughtered exclusively for the use of its skin.

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