In this category we will find everything that is related to the process that transforms leather into a craft, be it a leather handbag, a belt, shoes or a wallet.

We offer a wide variety of waxed yarn specific to sew leather, with about 20 colors always in stock. Our waxed leather sewing yarn is 1mm thick, 100 meters long and is composed of 8 interlaced threads, commonly referred to as "ends". It is a thread created at our request in a specific format as well.

The leather machine sewing thread, is not a normal thread, it is the yarn used by Ilyolytean shoemakers every day. It is a yarn made to last that does not peel as it does not contain cotton.

Our dyes are of Italian origin "Kenda Farben" is given in two types, the dyes for alcohol leather (the old anilins) and the dye covering the water. Both options are incredibly versatile and are intended for vegetable tanning skins.

We have a gummy base (creates a transparent layer) to apply to the edges of mineral tanning skins. For later or non-tinted.

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