Can you buy it being private?

YES, IT IS. Any person, whether private or company, who wishes to purchase any of our items can purchase them at the same price and with the same promotions as companies. We make no distinction, you're all customers.

What are the payment methods?

We have three payment methods:

CONTRAREEMBOLSO- The customer pays for their order when they receive it at their delivery address, has an additional cost of 2o (MRW service charges).

PAYPAL-Through Paypal you can pay with Paypal money and with VISA card, MASTERCARD, EURO 6000... This type of payment has no additional cost to the buyer.

PHONE- Reference, number of the same and name must be indicated. It is convenient to have your shipping details and a mobile or phone number handy for the MRW agency to contact you to make the delivery.

Do I need to be registered to buy?

You do NOT need to be registered to place an order. To do this we have enabled what is called "BUY AS INVITE". The website will ask you for the minimum data to process your order, so your data do not enter any database or receive any email that is not related to your order.

Why are there two items with the same image?

This is because the skins are not usually the same size. That is why we combine the skins of the same type and size, so that sometimes we can have within the same article two different references. These references come from the same would have, so they have the same tone and quality, the only difference is the price as it varies depending on the size of the skin.

How do I know the size and thickness of the skins?

Each item has two sizes specified one in FEET2, which is the measure used to measure the skins, and another size in centimeters specifying the usable length and width. The thickness is specified in millimeters.

I need the bill.

Simply enter the control panel, click on the order and there will be an invoice generate button. If you can't find it, just let us know and we generate it.

Can I return an order, or one or more furs?

IF you can do it. Check out our returns policy to learn how to manage it.